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Coronavirus and exo services

January 6, 2021: services remain unchanged

Despite new government measures, our train, bus and paratransit services remain operational.

For the time being, no service reductions are expected. Essential workers may therefore continue to use our services during the curfew, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. We strongly suggest that customers travelling during the curfew carry the necessary authorization papers.

Mandatory face covering

Wearing a face covering is mandatory on public transit.

OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise subscriptions

Reactivate my membership

Have you suspended your OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise membership?

The suspension offer* has been extended until the September 2021 fare. Your next payment will be withdrawn on August 11, 2021, unless you decide to reactivate your membership before that time.

To reactivate your membership and resume using public transit, log in to your online account. Do so before the 11th day of the month you wish to use your pass.

For example

If you wish to use public transit in April, you must reactivate your membership between March 11 and April 10, inclusively.

Simply follow the 3 steps.

  1. Create an account if you don’t already have one, or log in, then visit My Account.
  2. Select the My OPUS+ memberships (French) tab.
  3. Click on Réactivation OPUS+ ("OPUS+ reactivation").
Log in to My Account


We remind you that if you wish to use public transit while your membership is suspended, you agree to not use your OPUS card and to purchase a valid transit fare on a Solo card or an OPUS card other than the one that holds your annual OPUS+ fare.

*This offer from the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) is for eligible members. Certain conditions apply.

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Suspend my membership

Active memberships may no longer be suspended.

Service schedules and frequency


New bus schedules have been in effect since January 4. Check your schedules today.

See the bus schedules


New train schedules have been in effect since August 24. Check your schedules today.

See the train schedules


Since August 3, 2020, more passengers are accepted aboard paratransit taxis and buses.

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Resume using public transit

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Frequently asked questions

Suspension of your OPUS+ membership

I never suspended my membership. Can I do so now?

No. It is no longer possible to suspend a membership.

⚠ Very important: Users who wish to use public transit occasionally while their membership is suspended must purchase a valid transit fare on a card other than the OPUS card that holds their suspended fare.

Will I lose my free month if my membership is suspended?

No. Your free month will be postponed until you reactivate your membership. The 12th month may no longer be the same, since the monthly timer will also be suspended until you reactivate your membership.

What if I need to use public transit during the suspension period?

You may not use your OPUS card during the period that your membership is suspended. Your membership is not considered valid during the suspension period. You are responsible for purchasing valid transit fares on a different OPUS card or occasional (Solo) card. Hold on to your current OPUS card during the suspension, as you will be able to resume using it when your membership is reactivated.

I suspended my membership and purchased tickets to travel, but I noticed my membership still works. Can I be reimbursed for my tickets?

Your fares will not be reimbursed, but can be transferred to a different card. Please contact exo Customer Service to make an appointment at a metropolitan sales outlet of your choosing. An agent will transfer your fares from your OPUS card to an occasional smart card free of charge.

We reiterate that if you ask to suspend your membership, it will no longer be considered valid during the suspension period and you may not use it. If you continue to use this fare, you will be subject to a fine.

Hold on to the OPUS card on which your membership is encoded, as you may only resume using it when your membership is reactivated. Users who suspended their membership and wish to use public transit must purchase a valid transit fare on a card different from the one that contains their membership.

Will I need a new OPUS card after the suspension?

No. Your current OPUS card will remain active once the state of emergency is lifted.

What happens if I’ve already cancelled my membership? Can I reactivate my membership and recover my privileges?

Yes, you may reactivate your membership. However, cancelling a membership automatically results in losing any acquired privileges. To resubscribe, add a new membership in the “My OPUS+ memberships (French)” section of your online account.

Does the same apply to student/senior memberships?

Yes. As set out in the membership contract, all members are treated the same way.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my membership, a refund, or any other element related to a transit fare?

For any questions regarding a membership, refund, or any other element related to a transit fare, please contact the customer service department of the agency that issued the fare you purchased. Transportation agencies are responsible for serving their customers.

Who decides these fare measures?

The ARTM is responsible for deciding public transit fares. It is the only agency authorized to establish temporary fare measures, as is the case here. Exo is responsible for logistical support and the operational administration of these measures.

Service updates

Is it safe to board a bus via the front doors?

Plexiglas barriers have been installed at the front of buses, providing protection to both you and the driver. It is therefore safe to resume validating fares at the front of the vehicle.

Please remember that wearing a face covering has been mandatory on public transit since July 27, 2020.

Don’t forget to have your OPUS card, transit pass or cash (exact change) in hand before boarding the bus. Also note that paper transfers will not be issued in order to avoid contact with the driver.

Have any services been suspended?
  • Valet service at Saint-Lambert station

To learn more, consult the Twitter account for your sector.

How can I purchase transit fares?

To reduce the risk of virus spreading, the ARTM's Vendôme and Parc metropolitan sales outlets have been closed since Friday, April 3. Please use an automatic fare terminal if you wish to purchase TRAIN and TRAM passes.

Find a sales outlet

How many passengers are accepted aboard paratransit vehicles?

As of August 3, 2020, up to 2 passengers are accepted aboard taxis and 2, 3 or 4 passengers aboard buses. More passengers could be accepted aboard buses depending on the context and the duration of the trip.