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Coronavirus and exo services

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Manage your subscription, view your schedules and service changes and read tips and tricks for getting around safely.

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If you wish to resume using public transit, you can reactivate your subscription by accessing your online account.

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Service schedules and frequency


New bus schedules have been in effect since August 23, 2021. Check your schedules today.

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New train schedules have been in effect since August 24, 2021. Check your schedules today.

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Frequently asked questions about our services

Is the vaccination passport required to use public transport?

No, the vaccination passport is not required to access essential services such as public transport.

Thanks to the measures exo quickly put in place at the start of the pandemic, public transport has remained safe and no outbreak has been observed.

Have any services been suspended?
  • Valet service at Saint-Lambert station.

To learn more, consult the Twitter account for your sector.

How can I purchase transit fares?

You may purchase transit fares at ticket offices or via fare vending machines.

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You may also purchase a single bus ticket directly via the Chrono or Transit apps (French).

How many passengers are accepted aboard paratransit vehicles?

As of August 3, 2020, up to 2 passengers are accepted aboard taxis and 2, 3 or 4 passengers aboard buses. More passengers could be accepted aboard buses depending on the context and the duration of the trip.

Is it safe to board a bus via the front door?

Plexiglas barriers installed at the front of buses provide protection to both you and the driver. It is therefore safe to validate fares at the front of the vehicle.

Please remember that wearing a face covering is mandatory on public transit.

Don’t forget to have your OPUS card, transit pass or cash (exact change) in hand before boarding the bus.

OPUS+ subscription

If you have questions about OPUS+ subscriptions in the context of the pandemic, visit our page.

Fare reform: Longer wait times are to be expected on our phone and email contacts