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Planning your commutes on the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line

Planning your commutes on the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line

Since June, 2018, construction work on the REM (a CDPQ Infra light rail transit network) has required exo to operate a single track on the exo5 Mascouche and exo6 Deux-Montagnes lines.

What will be happening from January 2020?

During construction of the central section of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) between Central and Du Ruisseau stations, the Mont-Royal tunnel will be closed, from January 2020. After that date, itineraries to Central Station will change. See the new itineraries for your area here:

Friday night and weekend service

Since April 27, 2018, the train service on the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line has been unavailable on Friday evenings and weekends due to construction work for the Réseau express métropolitain (REM). Here are the commuting options available to you as a replacement:

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