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Bus Consultations

In 2017, 14 separate public transit networks merged to create exo in order to improve the consistency of train, bus and paratransit service on Montréal’s North and South Shores.

Over the past two years, our teams have worked hard to enhance operations and streamline practices throughout the network that exo serves, and we continue to make the adjustments required to stabilize the network while planning for the future.

Thank you for participating in the public consultations on our bus service reconfiguration

The public consultations in the Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, Le Richelain and Roussillon sectors are now completed. More than 1,400 of you participated in person and online to share your opinions about the bus network reconfiguration project.

Be sure to take part in the second round of public consultations in fall 2020, where you’ll have the opportunity to tell us which reconfiguration scenario best meets your needs. The dates will be announced in the coming months.

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