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Can't wait to see you

Monday, March 22 2021

Welcome back.

We’ve missed you. And we’re working hard to make our reunion a memorable one.

Tangible enhancements, for you

First off, we’ve started to reconfigure our bus services in the Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, Le Richelain and Roussillon sectors. The result: the South Shore will be better connected, making it easier to get to local workplaces.

Since starting public consultations in fall 2019, you have inspired us and made us reflect. Your comments have helped us to develop public transit services that are better suited to your needs ahead of the coming REM, which will link Central Station with the future Brossard Station.

Quartier DIX30 and Promenades Saint-Bruno will also be better served, to the delight of shoppers. This new network will provide direct access to the REM, improved service for those who take the train, and therefore greater flexibility to plan your commutes.

But that’s not all. We take your comfort and safety to heart, which is why we work continuously to improve our infrastructure to make your travel experience easier and quicker. Here are some examples:

  • The new Mirabel Station
  • The transformation of Vaudreuil Station
  • The renovation of Montréal-Ouest Station respecting the building’s heritage

The new Mirabel Station helps to reduce congestion at the stations in Blainville and Saint-Jérôme, while offering Basses Laurentides residents a new place to access the train for travel to Montréal. The eagerly awaited station was built in just two years and opened in January. Learn more (in French)

In Vaudreuil, the transformation of the station simplifies the experience for commuters, who now have access to a service centre and public transit in the same location. See the details (in French)

Built in 1905, Montréal-Ouest is one of the busiest stations in the exo network. While taking special care to respect the station’s heritage and cachet, the project includes making the temporary north platform permanent, extending the pedestrian tunnel northward, building a new access point, and closing the Westminster Avenue entrance to the station. All with the goal of improving safety at the Elmhurst and Westminster level crossings.

Putting technology to work for you

Did you know you can now find out the estimated ridership aboard your bus or train, its time of arrival and its service status in real time via the Chrono and Transit apps?

We’ve also improved paratransit customer experience thanks to a new transportation management tool.

Plus, in a few months, we will be launching the first transport-on-demand pilot project in certain municipalities of the exo network. This service will allow travellers to plan, in advance, the passage of a bus at a specific stop.

The goal of this pilot project is to collect as much information as possible to optimize the service and ensure it runs smoothly. If there’s a positive response, these results will serve as a guide as we develop other pilot projects across our network.

If, after a year of telecommuting, you’ve forgotten about the benefits of public transit, allow us to jog your memory. By connecting various municipalities, we help to reduce traffic and the risk of accidents. Hop aboard and let us do the driving. Relax, and enjoy the ride. Spend time doing the things you can’t do at the wheel, like reading a good book, getting your social media fix, or battling zombies on your smartphone. And effortlessly help to reduce pollution at the same time.

See you soon!

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