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Fare measure for the Deux-Montagnes line

Get all the information you need regarding the fare measure offered by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) and Mobility Montréal partners for customers of the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line.

COVID-19: Certain metropolitan ticket offices and exo sales outlets are closed. Subscribe online.

The fare measure in brief

  • Up to 5 free consecutive months in 2020.

  • A preferential fixed rate of $86.50 (for the regular fare) or $52.00 (for student and reduced-rate fares) for subsequent monthly passes.

Certain conditions apply. See the terms and conditions (French).

Eligibility requirements

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Be registered for the 2018-2019 fare measure.

  • Reside in the catchment area for the line determined by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM).

  • Be an OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise subscriber.

Selecting a fare

Which fare should I subscribe to?

Two (2) transit fares are offered for this measure.

The MTLREM pass:

  • This fare provides access to trains on the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line as well as bus and métro service on the Island of Montréal only.

Important: If you plan to use the métro from Montmorency, De la Concorde, Cartier or Longueuil stations, or if you want to take the bus off of the Island of Montréal, you will require a TRAM fare.

The TRAMREM pass:

  • This fare is only for passengers who use local bus service to reach the Deux-Montagnes, Grand-Moulin or Sainte-Dorothée stations.

  • It gives users access to trains, buses and the métro.

  • To be eligible for this fare, you must have obtained a unique code to enter when registering for the fare measure.

Not sure you have the right pass? Contact exo Customer Service at 514-287-8726.

OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise

I don't want to subscribe to OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise

If you do not want to subscribe to OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise, contact exo Customer Service at 514-287-8726 to learn about the other available options.

I want to subscribe to OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise

3 steps to subscribe to OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise and take advantage of this fare measure:

  1. Create a customer account on the exo website. You must provide the following information: your full name, mailing address, date of birth and payment information.

  2. You will be sent an email that confirms your subscription has been created.

  3. A new OPUS card will be mailed to you around the 20th day of the month prior to it taking effect (for example, May 20 for your June fare).

Why do I need a new OPUS card?

  • This new OPUS card is the only way to access the preferential rate for this fare mitigation measure.

  • It will be reloaded automatically every month.

I am an OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise subscriber

The fare measure will not be applied automatically.

Three steps to benefit from the fare measure:

  1. Log on to your online account. See the procedure (French).

  2. You will be sent an email that confirms you are registered for the fare measure.

  3. A new OPUS card will be mailed to you around the 20th day of the month prior to it taking effect (for example, May 20 for your June fare).

Reduced rate, student, single and weekend fares

Reduced or student fares

Users who benefit from student or reduced rates must have an OPUS card with photo.

The fare may not be added to your OPUS card remotely. You must:

  1. Receive an email with an activation coupon.

  2. Print this coupon.

  3. Visit a metropolitan ticket office in order for us to encode your subscription on your OPUS card with photo.

Single fares or 10-trip tickets

There is no fare reduction for single fares or 10-trip tickets.

Unlimited weekend fares

Since April 25, 2018, an unlimited weekend fare has been available to users who mainly travel on weekends. This pass is available for $13.75 at fare terminals in stations on the Deux-Montagnes line. It is valid from Friday at 7 p.m. to Monday at 5 a.m.

This card gives you access to the following transportation services:

  • exo Laurentides sector

  • Société de transport de Laval (STL)

  • Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

Free months of transit

The amount of free months depends on the date you register for the fare measure

The amount of free months you are entitled to depends on the date of your registration for the fare measure via your OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise subscription, up to a maximum of 5 free consecutive months.

Registration periods Free months
Between November 11, 2019, and December 10, 2019 January to May 2020
Between December 11, 2019, and January 10, 2020 February to June 2020
Between January 11, 2020, and February 10, 2020 March to July 2020
Between February 11, 2020, and March 10, 2020 April to August 2020
Between March 11, 2020, and April 10, 2020 May to September 2020
Between April 11, 2020, and May 10, 2020 June to October 2020
Between May 11, 2020, and June 10, 2020 July to November 2020
Between June 11, 2020, and July 10, 2020 August to December 2020

Registration after July 10, 2020.

Registration periods Free months
Between July 11, 2020, and august 10, 2020 October to December 2020
Between August 11, 2020, and September 10, 2020 November and December 2020
Between September 11, 2020, and October 10, 2020 December 2020
Users who subscribe to OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise, or who modify their fare, after November 10, 2020, will not receive free transit as part of this fare measure.
The offer of 5 free months is only available in 2020

The 5 free months will only apply in 2020. For subsequent years, OPUS+ subscribers will get the 12th month of their subscription free, as provided for in the membership program terms and conditions. For OPUS+ entreprise subscribers, the 12th month will instead be provided as a monthly rebate of 8.33% on the fare.

Consult the terms and conditions of the OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise programs (French) for more information.

Fare measures and free month for OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise subscriptions

The free transit offered in the current fare measure is in addition to the other benefits and advantages of the OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise programs.

The OPUS+ program gives subscribers a free month every year (the 12th month) after they have paid the 11 monthly instalments.

Details about the 12th free month

For new subscribers: as the first 5 months following your registration to the fare measure are free, the 6th month will be considered to be the 1st paid month. For example, a user who registers for this fare measure as of January 2020 will obtain the fares of January to May 2020 for free, and will pay the monthly instalments from June 2020 to April 2021, in order to receive the month of May 2021 for free as the 12th free month.

For users who are already OPUS+ subscribers before registering for the fare measure: the monthly payment timer used to calculate the 12th free month in the OPUS+ program will be suspended during the 5 free months. The timer will begin again in the subsequent paid month.

Cancelling your subscription

To terminate your subscription, you must:

  • Log on to your online account or contact exo Customer Service.

  • Provide notice no later than the 10th day of the month preceding the month you plan to terminate the subscription, failing which the cancellation will only apply on the 1st day of the following month.

Example: to terminate a subscription on May 31, 2020, exo must receive the termination request by May 10, 2020. If the request is received on May 11, 2020, or in the days following that date, the subscription will only end on June 30, 2020.

The ARTM and exo are not liable for a termination request made by a user after the 10th day of the month preceding the month they plan to terminate their subscription, and no reimbursement will be granted, if applicable.

Are you eligible for the fare measure?

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