Fare reform

Fare reform

Launched by the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM), the fare reform simplifies and harmonizes public transit fares across Greater Montreal.

New 24-hour and 3-day fares to meet your needs

All Modes AB, ABC, ABCD

24 hours 3 days

As of July 1, 2023, All Modes fares will be available in 24-hour and 3-day formats. These fares entitle you to unlimited travel for 24 hours or 3 consecutive days by bus, métro, train and the REM, in the fare zones of your choice.

Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus

24 hours 3 days

As of July 1, 2023, Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus fares will be available in 24-hour and 3-day formats. These fares entitle you to unlimited travel for 24 hours or 3 consecutive days by bus in the fare zones of your choice.

Learn more about the fares and rates

  • Image of the fare zones

    Understanding the fare zones

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    Learn more about the network reconfiguration

  • Image of an ticketing agent selling a fare

    See the fares

Frequently asked questions

  • The metropolitan region is divided into four large zones:

    Territory Fare zone Former fare zone
    Island of Montreal Zone A Zone 1
    Zone 2
    Agglomeration of Longueuil and City of Laval Zone B Zone 3
    North and South Shores Zone C Zone 4
    Zone 5
    Zone 6
    Zone 7
    Outside the ARTM’s territory Zone D Zone 8
    Learn more about the fare zones
  • To find your zone, see our municipality table.

  • 24-hour fare: unlimited travel for 24 consecutive hours.

    A 24-hour fare is valid for 24 hours from the moment you validate it. For example, a fare validated at 2 p.m. on Wednesday is valid until the following Thursday at 1:59 p.m.

    3-day fare: unlimited travel for 3 consecutive days.

    A 3-day fare is valid for 3 consecutive days from the moment you validate it. For example, a fare validated at 2 p.m. on Monday is valid until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.

  • The new 24-hour and 3-day fares will be available starting July 1, 2023, except for the 3-day All Modes AB fare, which will be available starting June 1, 2023, to facilitate travel to the Grand Prix.

  • Yes, you may purchase your old fares maintained in the fee schedule as well as new All Modes, Bus, Out-of-Territory Bus, and special bus fares at the same locations as before: metropolitan ticket offices, exo sales outlets and the OPUS website.

  • As was previously the case, you may not load all your fares to a single OPUS card at the same time.

    A regular OPUS card can hold the following fares:

    • All monthly passes
    • Single, multiple-trip, 24-hour, 3-day and weekly All Modes A fares
    • Single and multiple-trip Bus tickets
    • Unlimited Evening and Unlimited Weekend passes
    • The former single and multiple-trip fares maintained in the fee schedule

    A regular OPUS card can hold up to 4 different fares.

    Single, multiple-trip, 24-hour and 3-day All Modes AB, ABC, ABCD and Out-of-Territory Bus tickets may be loaded on an Occasional chip card at the regular rate. Users who wish to load these fares on a dedicated OPUS card may visit a metropolitan ticket office or exo sales outlet.

  • Travelling from one shore to the other in Zone C means crossing through Zone A (Island of Montreal) and Zone B (agglomeration of Longueuil and City of Laval).

    To make this trip, your fare must be valid in all the zones you travel through, i.e. Zones A, B and C. Depending on the mode(s) of transportation used, several fares may be possible. To find the right fare for you, use the ARTM’s fare selector.

  • The Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus fares allow you to ride on most bus routes in the metropolitan area, except for the South Shore routes that cross the Champlain Bridge:

    Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan 400, 401, 500, 600
    Le Richelain 123, 124, 321, 323
    Roussillon 100, 115, 130, 200
    Sainte-Julie 600
    Vallée-du-Richelieu 300

    To travel to downtown Montreal from the South Shore, you may use an All Modes ABC or ABCD fare. Other fares may also meet your needs. Use the ARTM’s fare selector or see the fee schedule to learn more.

  • When the REM opens on the South Shore, several exo buses will serve REM stations rather than travelling to downtown Montreal. Since the current fares and new Bus and Out-of-Territory Bus fares only allow customers to use bus services, and to prevent a sharp rise in price by requiring an All Modes fare, we have introduced special bus fares to allow you to travel to downtown Montreal.

    These fares will also allow you to access the REM’s South Shore segment when it opens, and their rate will gradually increase year by year until it reaches the All Modes fare.

    Special REM bus fares are available in monthly formats and in the OPUS+ and OPUS+ entreprise subscription programs. For occasional use, you may purchase a single, multiple-trip, 24-hour or 3-day All Modes ticket.

  • Since July 1, 2022, the fare reform has removed old fares with higher rates than the new ones. Over time, the fare reform’s impact on rates will be neutral or favourable for 95% of users.

    In the event the price of the new fares is higher than the old ones, the rate will be increased gradually, year by year, to prevent a sharp rise in price. Since 2022, for a period of four years, support measures have helped to mitigate these fare increases gradually.

    At the same time, on July 1, 2023, all transit fares will be indexed by 3% on average.

  • Yes!

    • Children aged 6 to 17 years old and seniors aged 65 and over may take advantage of a reduced fare on all single and multiple-trip tickets as well as monthly passes.
    • Full-time students (18 years and over) enjoy a harmonized 40% discount on all monthly passes.
    See the fare schedule

    As well, since July 1, 2023, the City of Montréal provides free public transit to residents of the agglomeration of Montréal aged 65 and over, exclusively in Zone A. By holding the fare on their OPUS card, seniors may travel for free by bus, métro, train, taxibus, river shuttle, REM, and paratransit, in Zone A only.

    To travel from Zone A to Zones B, C or D, residents must have a valid transit fare for every zone they travel through.

    Learn more
  • Taxibus fares are identical to bus fares. Several fares and payment methods may be used:

    • Cash payment for a single fare (make sure to have exact change)
    • Monthly pass on an OPUS card
    • 1, 2 or 10 trips on an Occasional chip card or OPUS card (these fares are only valid with a transfer to a train or bus)
    Learn more about taxibus services
  • In compliance with ARTM regulations:

    • All fares on an OPUS card or Occasional chip card are valid for transfers
    • Transfers are not permitted when the fare is paid in cash
    • Paper transfers and/or the honour system are no longer available when paying by cash on the bus
    See the ARTM regulations
  • You may request an exchange or refund provided that your request complies with the rules set out in the ARTM’s Refund and Exchange Policy and you have kept the purchase receipts.

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