Cars are of course an integral part of our way of life. But it's possible to leave the single-occupant car behind or favour multimodality when getting around. Together, we can reduce the negative repercussions of this mode of transport.

Electric Circuit

The RTM is a partner of the Electric Circuit. Discover this initiative which allows you to choose electric driving without running on empty!

Guaranteed parking spaces

End the parking lot tours to find a spot. Reserve your parking space thanks to this pilot project available at the Sainte-Thérèse train station and the Terrebonne terminus.

See the section Circuit électrique

See the section Guaranteed parking spaces

Overnight parking

By registering, you can park overnight in many incentive parking lots across Greater Montreal. It's free! The only condition: being a public transit user.

Park-and-ride facilities

Find a park-and-ride facility near a train or metro station!

See the section Overnight parking

See the section Stationnements incitatifs


Nearly 4,000 taxis circulate in Greater Montréal every day. Taxis are an economical and practical way to get around!


The Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM) offers a taxibus service, booked in advance, in several sectors.

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See the section Stationnements incitatifs