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Make your life easier!

  • Get easy access to your preferred transport mode schedules.
  • Receive a personalized service status based on your preferences.
  • Plan your trips quickly to your key destinations.
  • Manage your OPUS+ membership online.
The Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) published its new fare schedule for public transit services in the metropolitan area, which will take effect on July 1, 2019. View the ARTM transit fares

OPUS card and Solo card

Exo offers two types of cards, accepted across the entire metropolitan network, that allow you to get around by train, metro or bus. Which card is right for you?

Are you a frequent traveller?

The OPUS card is ideal for you! It is reloadable and durable. You can even register your card to protect against theft or loss!

Are you an occasional traveller?

The Solo card is exactly what you need! This free card is recyclable and is loaded with the right fares for you.

Are you eligible for a reduced fare?

If you are eligible for a reduced fare, you need an OPUS card with photo.

Validate your fare: an essential step!

Even if you have a card loaded with the right fare, your fare is only valid… if you validate it! If you fail to do so, you may be fined.

  • Swipe your OPUS card or Solo card over a train, metro or bus fare validator for a few seconds
  • Wait for a confirmation (light and sound signal). Your passage is instantaneously valid for 120 minutes!
  • Keep your fare on you for your entire trip: it's your proof of purchase!
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