Where can I get my transit fare?

exo sales and service outlets

You can visit a metropolitan ticket office, an exo sales and service outlet, or the Chrono app to :

  • Get or renew an OPUS card with photo.

  • Encode your OPUS+ subscription.

  • Purchase your transit fares.

  • Get info.

  • OPUS+ memberships can only be encoded at metropolitan ticket offices.

It's all on Chrono

On the Chrono app, you can now recharge and read your OPUS card. The app is also very convenient for planning and managing your trips in the Montreal metropolitan area. If you haven't done so already, download it.

Other Points of Sale

If you prefer to buy your tickets in person, check the schedule of our metropolitan ticket offices and points of sale and service by downloading the list below.

Download the list

OPUS+ members

Please note: not all membership types are available at all sales outlets. Before visiting a given sales outlet, check first on the following chart (in pdf format) if the fare you want is available there.

See which fares are offered (French only)

Where to obtain a new dedicated OPUS card for All Modes AB, ABC, ABCD, or Out-of-Territory Bus passes?

Due to technological constraints, single and multi-passes (1, 2, or 10 trips) for All Modes AB, ABC, ABCD, and Out-of-Territory Bus can only be purchased on a temporary smart card (at regular fare only) or on a specially identified new OPUS card (reduced or regular fare).

The dedicated OPUS card for All Modes AB, ABC, ABCD, or Out-of-Territory Bus passes will be provided to you free of charge upon presentation of a valid and registered OPUS card in your name. If you do not already have an OPUS card, issuance fees for an OPUS card will apply.

View the list of service points

Good to know

You can also get certain transit fares at other locations (e.g.: convenience store, grocery store, etc.).

To locate a sales outlet geographically

To find a sales outlet by geographic location, you can also use our tool.