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Make your life easier!

  • Get easy access to your preferred transport mode schedules.
  • Receive a personalized service status based on your preferences.
  • Plan your trips quickly to your key destinations.
  • Manage your OPUS+ membership online.

RTM Carpooling

Simple and free

An online service that lets you find one or more carpoolers easily.

Flexible and practical

You can change your preferences at any time, and the carpool parking pass program gives you access to reserved spaces in one of the public transit authorities park-and-ride lots.

Economical and ecological

You and your fellow carpoolers share the costs of using the vehicle in addition to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

How does it work?

Already have a carpooling team?
Sign up and create your team in just a few clicks. It's safe, efficient and easy to use!

Don't have a carpooling team?
The service brings together registered carpoolers based on their place of departure and destination, travel times and individual preferences. Once you have signed up, launch your search and instantaneously receive a list of people who match your search criteria.

The only thing left to do is email potential carpoolers and agree on your carpooling terms!

Sign up now!



RTM carpooling is offered by ARTM in collaboration with the RTM. Customer service is provided by the RTM.

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