Register your OPUS card

OPUS card registration offers you:

  • a replacement guarantee in the event of loss, theft or damage
  • the restitution of your unexpired transit fares on a new OPUS card

All users travelling with a valid, regular OPUS card are eligible for this guarantee; just register your card.

Children, students and seniors are also entitled to this guarantee, as they travel with a registered OPUS card with photo, which gives them access to student or reduced rates.

There are three ways to register your OPUS card:


If you are already registered with My RTM, fill out the online form and attach a scanned copy of your OPUS card (both sides).
If you haven't already subscribed to My RTM, do it now and then come back here to register your OPUS card.

Open the online form (My RTM)

At a metropolitan ticket office

Print and complete the form. Go to a customer service centre near you or your sector's metropolitan ticket office with the duly completed registration form and your OPUS card.

Download the printable form (PDF)

By mail

Print and complete the form. Attach a photocopy of your OPUS card (both sides) to the duly completed registration form and send it to the address at the bottom of the first page.

Download the printable form (PDF)

In the event of OPUS card loss, theft or damage

If you have registered your OPUS card:

  • Go to your sector's metropolitan ticket office or to a service centre near you with a photo ID
  • Your lost, stolen or damaged card will be deactivated
  • You will then be given a new OPUS card loaded with your unexpired fares
  • You will be charged the cost of the new OPUS card

For questions, contact our Customer Service.