OPUS+ entreprise program for companies

OPUS+ entreprise - Company

OPUS+ entreprise allows your employees to subscribe to public transit to enjoy unlimited travel in the greater Montreal metropolitan area.

Zones and eligible modes of transportation*


* Zones and modes of transport may vary depending on the fare you subscribe to.
If you want to travel in zone A only, choose an OPUS & Cie program.

Encourage your employees to use public transit

  • Give more To your employees.

    Facilitate your employees’ daily commute and give them a financial perk.

  • Get more For your company.

    You can increase the discount offered by the ARTM. Your financial contribution is fully tax deductible.

  • Do your part For the environment.

    Stand out as a company that promotes eco-friendly values and is committed to sustainable mobility.

A helping hand makes all the difference

When you join OPUS+ entreprise, the ARTM automatically offers a monthly discount of 8.33% on your employees' fare subscription, or the equivalent of one free month each year.

You can also offer an additional monthly discount to your employees.


    1. Sign up or log in to the employer portal and complete the subscription form.
    2. Send us two copies of the completed and signed OPUS+ entreprise program agreement (in French) (PDF).
    3. Your account will be activated when we received your documents.
    4. When we receive them, we’ll send your company ID code to share with your employees so they can subscribe.
    5. You must then approve your employees’ subscription requests directly on your portal.
  • No, you are not required to contribute financially to the subscription program.

    When you join OPUS+ entreprise, the ARTM automatically offers your employees a monthly discount of 8.33% on their transit pass.

    However, we encourage you to increase this discount!

  • You may choose from the following two payment methods:

    • Charge to a credit card.
    • Direct debit from a bank account.

    Payments will automatically be charged or debited between the 20th and 25th day of the month for the following month’s fares.

  • Yes! A company that contributes financially to the OPUS+ entreprise program can benefit from a tax deduction.

    Find out more about the ecofiscal measure
  • Yes, you can change your contribution via your employer portal.

    Your request must be made no later than the 10th day of the month for your new contribution to apply the following month.

  • Yes, you may cancel an employee’s subscription if they leave your company due to resignation, dismissal, retirement or termination of employment.

    The request must be made no later than the 10th day of the month preceding the month of cancellation. For example:

    • If you wish to cancel their subscription on October 31, you must make your request by October 10.
    • If you make your request on October 11, their subscription will end on November 30.
  • You can cancel an employee’s subscription directly via your employer portal.

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