Approximately 15 transit agencies offer service son over 500 bus lines across Greater Montréal.

Would you like to take the bus? Several fare categories will help you board the bus:

  • Exo TRAM fares: for the Greater Montréal commuter train, metro and bus network
  • STM fares: for the Montréal agglomeration metro and bus networks only
  • Fares from other transit agencies: for the bus networks of Greater Montréal's other municipalities

TRAIN + METRO + BUS = a winning formula!

Where can you buy your fares?

The fares issued by Greater Montréal transit agencies can be loaded on an OPUS card at our ticket offices (except STM fares). Consult the list of metropolitan ticket officesEvery transit agency manages its own fare system. To find out how and where to buy fares, other than memberships, visit their respective website listed below.

Island of Montréal 

Island of Laval


North Shore

Exo - Laurentides, L'Assomption et Terrebonne-Mascouche sectors

South Shore

Exo - Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, Haut-Saint-Laurent, La Presqu'île, Le Richelain, Roussilon, Sainte-Julie, Sorel-Varennes, Sud-Ouest et Vallée du Richelieu sectors