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TRAM and TRAIN - Fare classification

The table below will help you determine which rate applies to you. If you are eligible for a reduced fares (reduced or student), you must purchase OPUS card with photo. It serves as your proof of eligibility.

Age or status Conditions Rate

0 to 11

(accompanied by an adult)

Children accompanied by an adult holding a valid pass travel by train for free* Free

6 to 15

Children aged 6 to 16 on October 31 of the current school year Reduced

16 to 17

Persons aged between 16 and 17 on October 31 of the current school year
 AND enrolled as full-time students**
Student 18 and +

Persons aged between 18 and + on October 31 of the current school year
 AND enrolled as full-time students**

16 to 64

Persons aged between 16 and 64 who are not full-time students in an educational institution.

65 and + Persons aged 65 and older Reduced

Anyone found to have made a false statement regarding their age may have their privilege to enjoy reduced or student fares withdrawn, and may face fines plus fees.

*For a maximum of 5 children per adult holding a valid transit pass.

**To determine your status of study and know the educational institution recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Eseignement supérieur (MEES), consult the MEES website (French)

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