Car sharing

This program allows you to rent a car at any time for short trips. It’s simple, inexpensive and eco-friendly! Several companies offer this service in Quebec, including Communauto.


In addition to covering the cost of everyday vehicle operations (insurance, registration, fuel, repairs, etc.), Communauto offers flexible options:

  • Car sharing stations (with reservation)
    You can reserve your vehicle up to one month in advance and pick it up and return it to one of several Communauto stations. Ideal for round trips.

  • Self-service car sharing (with no reservation
    You can reserve a vehicle parked on the street for 30 minutes and leave it anywhere within the service area. Ideal for one-way trips.

Save with DUO OPUS+ plans

Are you an OPUS+ or OPUS+ entreprise member? You can get preferred rates with Liberté DUO OPUS+ and Économique DUO OPUS+!

Your Benefits

  • You are exempt from the $40 annual fee.

  • You pay no membership fees.

  • You have access to all Communauto vehicles with or without reservations.

  • You are eligible for the Late Return Program (Programme Retour tardif), which offers an hourly rate of $0/hr from 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Good to Know: : anyone looking to take advantage of this promotion must first sign up for the OPUS+ or OPUS+ enterprise programs.

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