Travelling in Greater Montréal

Public transport is a simple, inexpensive and ecological way to get from one end of Greater Montréal to another. Choose a mode of transport or a combination of several. The possibilities are endless!


Want to learn the rules of conduct and safety? The answers are here!

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Welcome to Montréal!

Let us charm you with what makes our region a tourist destination of choice. Make 1001 discoveries while riding the train, metro or bus!

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Yes to bikes!

Montréal is the North American cycling city! It's easier than ever to combine active and public transportation, and even to bring your bike with you in public transit. Discover how!

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Intermodality: a tightly knit network

Discover how to get around other than by single-occupant car. Commuter train, metro, bus, carpooling, bike... use them separately or combine them!

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