FAQ - General information

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  1. What is a transit fare?

    A transit fare is a right of access to a public transport vehicle (train, metro, bus). The cost of the fare is determined based on the trip zone, the type of fare (monthly or occasional) and the preferential rates to which you are entitled, if applicable. There are over 700 types of fares in Greater Montréal! Visit the Fares section to find out more.

  2. Where can I buy a transit fare or obtain information?

    Transit tickets or passes can be purchased in our metropolitan ticket offices, train stations, or in several other sales outlets all over Greater Montréal. To find a sales outlet near you, click here. For information about fares, visit this page, or call our Customer Service at 514 287-TRAM (8726) or 1 888-702-TRAM (8726).

  3. How do I know whether I have the right fare?

    Just make sure you have the fare that corresponds to the highest fare zone of your route. To consult the fare zone map, click here.

  4. What do I do if I lose an item during my trip?

    Contact the transit agency whose services you used for your trip as soon as possible. Click here to find instructions, contact information and service hours of our metropolitan transit network partners.

  5. To whom can I pose my questions if I am on an exo site or train?

    If you have a question or concern during your trip, contact a security agent, inspector or a metropolitan ticket office employee. They will be pleased to answer your question or direct you to the best person to inform you.

  6. Is it possible to discuss ongoing projects with exo?

    To find out more about our projects, read our Three-year capital expenditure program or subscribe to our newsletters. You will be the first to know about project developments!