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exo | Public consultation: bus network reconfiguration

Public consultations

Share your opinion on the projects that matter to you, so that together we can build the public transit network of tomorrow.

Let’s build the network of tomorrow

Since 2019, exo has undertaken an extensive reconfiguration of our bus network across the territory we serve.

This reconfiguration is taking place gradually, one sector at a time.

We’ll be consulting you throughout the process in order to understand your needs and get your opinion about the new proposed networks.

  • Express your ideas

    Your comments help us to improve bus schedules, frequencies and routes in your area.

  • Follow the progress of projects

    In this space, you can follow the projects from the initial planning stages to the launch of the new network.

Discover the bus service reconfiguration projects

Current consultations

Bus service reconfiguration

La Presqu'Île

Current consultations

Bus service reconfiguration

Laurentides – Terrebonne-Ouest

Closed consultations

Bus service reconfiguration

Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan, Le Richelain and Roussillon

Public consultation FAQs

Reconfiguring the network consists of reviewing our services to make them more efficient. For example, by optimizing bus schedules, frequency and routes, among other things.

We analyze the network’s strengths and weaknesses based on current and future needs, and then reconfigure the services taking this data into account to better serve the region.

Exo was created in 2017 to better align services on Montréal’s North and South Shores. Up to that point, public transit service in these areas was provided by 14 different transit authorities.

Exo merged these services, optimizing them to better meet your needs. This network reconfiguration is taking place gradually, one sector at a time, allowing us to:

  • Improve travel between municipalities in your area

  • Provide better interconnectivity within the exo network and with other Montréal-area public transit networks

  • Offer more east-west transportation options to connect with travel hubs

  • Reduce congestion on the road network

  • Harmonize our services

The bus network reconfiguration is happening gradually, one sector at a time.

The next sectors targeted by this project are:

    • Terrebonne-Mascouche and L’Assomption (North Shore)

    • Sud-Ouest and Haut-Saint-Laurent (South Shore)

Over time, all of the sectors in exo’s territory will be reviewed.

Our buses serve some 60 municipalities on Montréal’s North and South Shores, most of which are located in the Montréal Metropolitan Area, and some of which are outside this territory, such as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Exo does not have the power to modify its coverage area. This is the responsibility of the Autorité Régionale de Transport Métropolitain (ARTM), which is in charge of public transit planning, financing and fare pricing in the metropolitan area.

However, the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu CEGEP and hospital will be served directly by the proposed #685 bus line. In addition to provide service during peak hours, this bus service will offer service off-peak hours.

For each reconfiguration project, exo launches a public consultation process with all stakeholders (including elected officials, municipal administrations, local businesses and organizations, customers, citizens, etc.). The consultation process is carried out in two phases:

  • Phase 1 allows us to understand the needs and concerns of each sector in order to guide exo professionals in designing the new bus network.

  • Phase 2 enables us to validate the proposed network and signal any areas of improvement.

Following these two phases, our teams finalize the details of the new bus network into order to implement it.

The process is carried out in collaboration with the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM), a non-partisan and independent organization whose mission is to encourage citizen involvement in democratic life.

During public consultations, we ask citizens to express their needs through various activities, including surveys, consultation sessions, discussion forums, interactive maps, and more.

Due to the current situation, public consultations are taking place exclusively online.

These online activities are complementary to future in-person consultations, which will resume when circumstances allow. You can learn more about the consultation process on the page for each project underway.

All contributions and ideas are compiled and sent to the heads of the related projects to take into account when making their recommendations and decisions.

Contributions provided through consultation tools, such as surveys, are used to complement other means of data collection, such as information sessions, participatory events and workshops.

The collected data is analyzed to enable exo to understand the needs and expectations of participants.

Additional information is available on the pages dedicated to the sectors currently targeted by this project.

If you have further questions, contact our customer service team.

Participating in surveys is anonymous.

However, we do ask that you identify yourself at information sessions to participate.

All of the information you share with exo in a public consultation is strictly confidential.

This information is compiled and sent to the heads of the related projects to take into account when making their recommendations and decisions.

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