Public consultation: L'Assomption-Terrebonne-Mascouche bus

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Exo is currently reconfiguring its bus service for the municipalities located in the L’Assomption – Terrebonne-Mascouche sector.

Why now?

The reconfiguration project in the L’Assomption – Terrebonne-Mascouche sector aims at meeting the changing needs in mobility in connection with various factors:

  1. A strong increase in population and employment

    • The Les Moulins and L’Assomption municipalities are among the 11 fastest growing in Quebec.

  2. The planning of several public transit projects

  3. The 7 municipalities touched by the reconfiguration

    • Charlemagne

    • L'Assomption

    • L'Epiphanie

    • Repentigny

    • Saint-Sulpice

    • Terrebonne

    • Mascouche

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Discover the project

Frequently asked questions about the project

Public consultations

For each reconfiguration project, exo sets up a public consultation process implying all interested parties (elected representatives, municipal administrations, local businesses and organizations, clients, population, etc.). This consultation process occurs in two phases:

Phase 1: aims at identifying the needs and preoccupations specific to each sector in order to guide exo’s professionals in the development of the new bus network.
This first phase is scheduled for fall 2023.

Phase 2: allows us to validate the proposed network and to identify potential improvements before the project is finalized.
This second phase is scheduled for winter 2024-2025.

All these activities will be compiled in a consultation report prepared by our partner, Groupe BC2, who accompanies us in this process.

For both phase 1 and phase 2 of the public consultations, exo has called upon Groupe BC2, an urban management and development firm specialized in public consultation and participation, to host the consultations, analyze the comments and ensure the integrity of the process.

Yes, the schedules will be adjusted as soon as the new network comes into service, which is scheduled for fall 2026.

These schedules will be posted beforehand so that users can start planning their trips accordingly.

Rate modifications fall under a different project: the fare reform project.

This aspect falls under the authority of the ARTM (Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain), which is in charge of harmonizing and simplifying rates for the entire Montreal region.

For more info on the fare reform, visit the ARTM site..

The aim of the network reconfiguration is to adapt to transit needs and behaviors, so yes, there could be improvements to intermunicipal transit, if demand warrants it.

We are aware that transit along the North and South shores is on the rise, and also that the 640 highway is an important east-west axis along which public transit is needed.

Improvement of off-peak and weekend service is one of the aspects considered in the network reconfiguration.

Frequency will also be examined on a certain number of bus lines.

These needs will be evaluated and service scenarios will be proposed for these periods accordingly, within the limits of our financial means and the budgets we get.

Yes, Radisson will still be served by exo buses. The network reconfiguration also gives us an opportunity to analyze and adjust service to this station.

Yes, the service on Mascouche line 15 will be maintained and buses will continue to serve the stations on this territory. In fact, the network reconfiguration will allow us to improve bus service to the train stations.

Quebec’s transport ministry (ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable du Québec, aka MTMDQ) is presently extending the A-19 highway, which will include reserved lanes and a bus terminal.

Exo wishes for a speedy development of such infrastructures so that we can offer our customers a more efficient and faster service.

The creation of reserved lanes involves several partners, including the municipalities and the MTMDQ, according to their location. Exo thinks that reserved lanes contribute greatly to increasing the efficiency and attraction of public transit and collaborates actively with its municipal partners to make them a priority.

Some services could be modified depending on demand, but it is too soon to say.

We are continuously improving these facilities according to users’ needs, within the limits of our budget, and we intend to keep doing so.

On the other hand, the configuration of some bus terminals will be reviewed and adjusted as required by the new bus network.

Yes, the existing park-and-ride lots will be maintained.

All large local transit generators will be taken into account in the new network.

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