Being respectful on public transit isn’t rocket science

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Sharing space and respecting the premises and your fellow passengers isn’t rocket science! Courtesy plays an important role in public transportation.

Here are a few ways to make everyone’s travel experience more pleasant.


Be mindful
of noise.

You’re not in your living room.

The exo repos area is a quiet space for people who wish to read, relax or enjoy any other activity in silence. When you are in this space, kindly set your phone to silent or vibrate. Conversations are welcome in all other sections of the train.


Music, cellphone, voice:
please keep it down

There’s no need to yell, everyone can hear you.

For your safety, please wait until you have boarded the train before putting on your headphones.

Once you are on board, always use your headphones to listen to music or watch a video. Never use speakerphone.


passageways clear.

Please do not block the doors.

  • Free up entrances and exits to allow people to board and exit the train safely and easily.

  • Once you are on board, always use your headphones to listen to music or watch a video. Never use speakerphone.

Sac à dos

have priority
over objects.

A backpack is not a seatpack.

  • Occupy your seat only (this includes your elbows, legs, personal effects, etc.).

  • Your feet should be on the floor, and nowhere else.

  • Seats are are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Seats are reserved for pregnant women and seniors.

We’re surprised to have to repeat it.

Certain seats are designated for disabled people, pregnant women, seniors, and those travelling with young children. Please give them priority.

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Pushing won't
get you there any faster.

But it is quick to annoy your fellow passengers.

  • Respect the lineup when boarding buses, and have your fare in your hand to speed up the process.

  • Make your way to your favourite doors along the platform rather than inside the train.

  • Allow people in the aisle to exit first.

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Take your trash with you when you leave and deposit it in the garbage and recycling bins that are provided.

icone parking


Park in the specified areas to avoid receiving a parking ticket.