Processing an expired OPUS card

The OPUS card has an expiry date, after which it will no longer work, even if it is still loaded with fares. In such a case, you will need to buy new fares to get around.

For details on the expiration date of your OPUS card, visit the official OPUS card expiration date verification site.

How to recover the remaining fares on an expired OPUS card?

Print and fill out the Postal processing of expired OPUS card form (PDF - 233 KB) and attach all supporting documents needed to process your request.

Mandatory documents:

  • expired OPUS card
  • original receipt for purchase of new OPUS card (will be returned to you)

Send your duly completed form and supporting documents to the RTM by post at 1001 boulevard Robert-Bourassa, bureau 2600, Montréal, Québec, H3B 4L4, or drop off your documents in a sealed envelope at one of our metropolitan ticket offices.

How are requests processed?

The $6 cost for the purchase of your new OPUS card will be compensated by two (2) single tickets that can be used to get around your usual transport networks.

The unexpired fares on your old OPUS card will be replaced by the equivalent number of single tickets.

All of your replacement fares will be loaded on a disposable chip card, and these must be used no later than two (2) years after they are issued. 

After this date, the unused fares loaded on the disposable chip cards are not exchangeable or refundable.

Is your OPUS card registered?

OPUS card registration is a service offered to OPUS card holders. In the event of loss, theft or damage of your OPUS card, the registration service restores unexpired fares from your old card onto a new OPUS card.

How to register my OPUS card ?