Safety: 7 rules to prevent accidents

Wednesday, September 12 2018

Soyez prudents 

Each year, more than a hundred Canadians are killed or injured in railway crossing or trespassing incidents*. Please respect the following safety rules near railways:


1- Stay alert at all times.

Remove your headphones and pay attention when you're near railway tracks. Yes, trains are big, but we often only hear them at the last second, especially when it's windy.


2- Look both ways before crossing the tracks.

A person or a car is powerless against the speed and weight of a train. A freight train with around 100 cars, like the ones used by Canadian Pacific (CP) or CN, could need a kilometre to come to a stop. A passenger train with a dozen cars, like exo trains, needs 300 metres to stop.


3- Do not cross the yellow safety line.

Did you know that the yellow colour is named, aptly, yellow safety? The only time you should cross this line is when you're boarding the train after it has come to a full stop at the station. Why? You could get caught in the train's movement and dragged along the platform or between the platform and the train.


4- Keep your personal possessions close to you.

Carry your backpack or purse close to your body and make sure that it is shut. Put your electronic devices away. And, most importantly, never climb down onto the rails to find something you dropped. It's not worth it. In the event of an incident, notify an on-site exo staff member, or call customer service (514 287-8726) to request a representative.


5- Avoid running on the platforms.

You could slip and seriously injure yourself. Afraid you're going to miss your train? Try arriving earlier to give yourself more time, especially if your train arrives at a different platform.


6- Use designated railway crossings only.

Stop at least 5 metres away from the closest track and wait for the train to go by. Before crossing the tracks, wait until the warning signals have ceased and you’re certain no other trains are approaching from either direction. Don't forget that on a double track, a second train could be arriving as the first one leaves.


7- Keep your distance from the tracks and don't walk on the railway.

Trespassing on railway property is a dangerous and illegal offence punishable by a fine. Each year, several people trespass on our tracks and cause accidents or delays.


Safety is everyone's business.

We care about our users’ safety. Which is why we repeat these rules year after year. Help us get the message across and educate other users when they behave dangerously.


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