The Smart Event Contest

The Smart Event Contest

Save time and money when you travel by combining active and public transit.

$7,500 in prizes
up for grabs

You could win one of our 30 prizes!


Yulbike Phantom

Valued at $1,699.50

Folding bike

Giant PakAway 1

Valued at $899


Loco S2 - Select

Valued at $1,499

Annual membership

All Modes ABC

Valued at $2,214

10-trip pass

All Modes ABC

Valued at $55

Transit fares

Unlimited weekend

Valued at $14.75

exo, the most affordable way to get around town

Did you know that using public transit to travel in Greater Montreal can save you lots of money?

A car costs on average $11,000/year

Owning a car is expensive. Between monthly payments, gas, fixed costs and maintenance, owning a car in Québec costs $11,000/year on average.*

Detailed costs for a car per year

Expenses Cost $
Monthly payment $6,000
Gas $3,600
Insurance, driver’s licence and registration $1,000
Maintenance and tire changes $400
Total $11,000

Add to this expenses related to parking, wear and tear, unforeseen events and parking tickets!

To calculate the annual costs for your car, visit the CAA website

Travelling with exo costs at most $3,060/year

The annual cost of an All Modes ABCD fare is $3,060. With it, you can travel when you want throughout the metropolitan area, by bus, train and metro!

exo, eco-friendly transit

Every mode of transportation has an ecological cost. Have you considered taking the train, bus or metro to lessen the environmental impact of your trips?

Less air pollution

In Québec, transportation is responsible for nearly 45% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. And 80% of these are caused by road transport (cars, light trucks, heavy vehicles and motorcycles).

Paired with active and shared transportation, public transit is a simple and efficient way to reduce air pollution.

Less noise, more space

Cars are the mode of transportation that take up the most space in cities, whether driving or parked. Road traffic, which is becoming more and more intense, is also a source of noise pollution that disturbs residents.

By significantly reducing the number of cars on the road, public transit frees up space and helps to lessen noise disturbance in cities.

This chart presents the number of people that a mode of transportation can accommodate. A bus can hold up to 60 people, a wagon up to 150 people, and a métro up to 1,000 people.
October 15 to November 15, 2022

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Sustainable development

More eco-friendly locomotives

At exo, we’re making clear commitments to reduce our environmental impact. Among them, we’re acquiring 10 new locomotives that pollute less.

Learn more (In French)

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