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The Attendant Card

Accompanying a handicapped person

The Attendant Card

The Attendant Card allows persons with functional limitations to have an attendant traveling with them when they use exo’s regular network. In such a case, upon presentation of the attendant card, the attendant is granted free fare.

The Attendant Card, in short

  • It allows the attendant to use the public transit free of charge.
  • It is granted under certain conditions (see the section on conditions).
  • It is essentially destined to persons who are not eligible to benefit from exo’s paratransit service, but who still need assistance when using the regular transit network.

Get your card in 4 steps

  1. Fill out the form as required.
  2. Have your limitations and need to be accompanied by an attendant certified by an authorized person.
    A section of the application form must be filled out by an authorized health professional* such as a licensed physician, a nurse practitioner or otherwise authorized, a licensed ergotherapist, physiotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist, or a licensed optometrist or eye doctor.
    * Any fees are at the applicant’s charge.
  3. Include a photo (approx. 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm), also certified by a health professional.
  4. Send your request by mail or email to exo’s Accessibility advisor, who will assess your eligibility and issue the card. In case of refusal, you will receive a negative answer with the reasons thereof.

Traveling with a guide or an assistance dog in order to alleviate a handicap is permitted at all times on exo’s transit network.

Who can ask for an attendant card?

  • If you benefit from exo’s paratransit service, you can use your paratransit card to have someone travel with you when using the regular network. However, you can also specifically request an attendant card if you want.

  • If you are not eligible for exo’s paratransit service, you can apply for an attendant card if:
    • you are a Quebec resident;
    • you suffer from a functional limitation justifying your need for someone to accompany you when using exo’s regular transit network, such as:
      • problems relative to your safety;
      • problems with your sense of time or space;
      • behavioral problems.

Attendant Card Q&A

As card holder, you must abide by the following rules:

  • show your attendant card at the time of purchasing your fare, and at all times when asked to do so by an exo inspector;
  • inform exo of any address modification;
  • inform exo without delay in case of destruction, loss or theft of your attendant card;
  • return the attendant card to exo without delay if it is not used.

Note: Only one attendant at a time can travel free of charge with the card holder, and this person must be 14 years old or older. The attendant is entitled to free fare only when traveling with the card holder.

  • The card holder (i.e. the handicapped person) must show his/her attendant card by when purchasing the fare.
  • Upon presentation of the card, the clerk will issue a free ticket for the attendant.
  • If the card holder does not have his/her attendant card (even if he/she has forgotten it), the attendant will have to pay his/her fare like any regular exo user. Besides, use of the attendant card is strictly restricted to its holder and cannot be transferred to any other person.

  • For users 18 years old or less, the card is valid for 5 years.
  • For users 18 years old or more, the card is valid for 10 years.

  • A renewal proposal will be sent before the card’s expiry date to the address indicated in your file.
  • Renewal will proceed only upon reply within the prescribed delay. Failing to follow up on your part will force you to request a new card.

Reminder: you must inform us of any address or phone number modification

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