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Wednesday, March 27 2024

Where to take photos on the network

View of the Richelieu River and Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Credit: Oser Beloeil

We’re always thrilled to receive photos taken by our users, and we share them regularly on our social media pages.

Here are some ideas for pictures to take on and around our network.

Old Beloeil

Old Beloeil is the perfect place to go for brunch and a stroll, filled with inspiring scenery.

To get there :

Bus 12, 23 and 200.

Île Saint-Bernard in Châteauguay

Go for a hike and admire the beautiful views on the island. And while you’re there, be sure to visit the Marguerite-D’Youville wildlife sanctuary.

To get there :

Bus 25 and 26.

The P’tit train du Nord

Photo opportunities abound on one of Québec’s most stunning bike paths.

How get there :

The P’tit Train du Nord is accessible via Saint-Jérôme Station, among other options.

Public art on the exo network

Artwork at Repentigny Station

The exo network is home to many works of public art. Among the works users can admire, L’arbre de la gare by Nicolas Baier is particularly striking.


Right by the station, you’ll find a peaceful place that’s ideal for recharging your batteries and taking lots of pics!

A matter of safety

There are some rules you must follow to avoid interfering with the work of our employees and, above all, to ensure your own safety.

Taking amateur photos and videos is authorized on our network. However, safety rules must always be obeyed to prevent accidents :

  • Always stay inside the yellow lines on platforms and maintain a reasonable distance from vehicles
  • Keep away from the tracks and always follow our employees’ directives
  • Avoid taking photos of our employees when they’re working and make sure to respect your fellow passengers
  • Never photograph railway signalling

For professional photographs or videos, you must request permission (content in French).

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