Art on the network

Friday, January 12 2024

Art is everywhere, even on exo’s network!

In the hectic rush of daily life, you may not have noticed the numerous works by celebrated artists that adorn our network. Like many public organizations and transporters, exo is subject to the Art and Architecture Integration Policy, to the delight of our transit users. Here’s a brief guide to some of the artworks you can spot on our network.

Artwork: L’arbre de la gare

Artist: Nicolas Baier Where you’ll find it: Repentigny Station, Mascouche direction

Artwork: Myriade

Artist: Patrick Coutu Where you’ll find it: Terrebonne Station, Mascouche direction

Artwork: Continuum

Artist: Marc Dulude Where you’ll find it: Mascouche Station, Mascouche direction

Artwork: Le quotidien fantastique

Artist: Doyon-Rivest Where you’ll find it: Pointe-aux-Trembles Station, Mascouche direction

Artwork: De verts et de vents

Artist: Marianne Chevalier Where you’ll find it: Vaudreuil Station

Artwork: Entrain

Artist: Pierre Blanchette Where you’ll find it: Anjou Station, Mascouche direction

Artwork: Déplacements

Artist: Marie-France Brière Where you’ll find it: Sauvé Station, Mascouche direction