Welcome aboard! Discover exo's new train cars!

Exo has begun implementing a new generation of trains! 6 of 44 new 2050 train cars are now circulating on line 12 Saint-Jérôme. Equipped with the latest rail technology, they will help increase the reliability of the network and reduce its environmental impact.

Features of the new 2050 train cars

  • Eco-responsible transit : improved ecological footprint thanks to a bimodal energy-efficient technology.
  • Greater seating capacity : up to 147 seats on two levels.
  • Improved comfort : increased number of electrical and USB outlets, accessible bathrooms with diaper-changing tables, coat hooks and air-conditioning.
  • Two wider doors per car : obstacle-free and entirely accessible to make boarding and disembarking easier.
  • In phase with universal accessibility requirements : all cars feature general elements of universal accessibility as required by the American Disability Act (ADA).
  • Real-time information : high-contrast screens indicating next stations and destination.
  • Areas for passengers with special needs : folding seats allowing access for people with functional limitations (motorized mobility aids) and families (strollers).
  • Safer circulation inside cars thanks to yellow handle bars and LED lights over the entire length of carriage.
  • Better visibility for the train driver thanks to a newly designed cab.
  • Storage space : easy-to-use bike racks.
Photo of the new car

Increased accessibility on the Saint-Jérôme line

Accessibility of its train and bus network is a priority for exo, and this is why we keep improving the infrastructures inherited from the previous suburban train network. In this sense, the gradual implementation of 18 new accessible train cars on line 12 Saint-Jérôme constitutes a concrete step towards the realization of our Accessibility Development Plan 2023-2027 (In French). The plan also includes the implementation of ramps at 9 stations on this line to make boarding and disembarking easier for passengers with functional limitations.

Discover exo’s new train cars! (In French)


30 %

Percentage of local content in these vehicles, supplied by ten or so Canadian companies, eight of them being from Quebec.

17,6 %

Percentage of exo’s fleet these 44 new train cars represent.


Number of seats per car, all made in Quebec by Khrome, in Drummondville.

40°C to -30°C

Range of temperatures the cars can be submitted to. The climatic test they undergo puts them in a large oven-refrigerator and submits them to extreme temperatures to make sure all systems are still working and passenger comfort is maintained.


Global cost of these 44 new cars.

Frequently asked questions

  • The 44 new cars should all be on the road by summer 2025.

  • Although the greater part of the train cars is made by the CRRC company, we are proud to point out the contribution of the following Quebecois and Canadian suppliers.

    • Graphie (La Pocatière, QC) : decals and signalling.
    • ISC Applied System (Pointe-Claire, QC) : radio, communication and display system.
    • Prelco (Rivière-du-Loup, QC) : windows.
    • Baultar Solutions (Val-Joli, QC) : floors and operator seats.
    • Khrome (Drummondville, QC) : passenger seats.
    • Proflex (Granby, QC) : bellows.
    • Bach-Simson (London, ON) : event recorder.
    • Quester Tangent (Sidney, BC): monitoring.
    • Technologies Lanka Inc. (La Pocatière, QC) : door system and operation, battery charger and LVPS (low voltage power supply).
  • None whatsoever.

  • The 44 new 2050 train cars account for 17.6% of exo’s fleet. The railway fleet presently consists of 206 cars: 160 3000 cars, 22 2000 cars and 24 700 cars.

  • Two-level cars mean increased seating, and better comfort for users. This aspect is particularly important on suburb trains, since the rides are relatively longer. Two-level cars are also less costly to operate, less heavy and consume less energy per passenger than other types of cars.

  • Accessiblity being a core value for exo, on the whole of this new fleet, 18 cars will be accessible to people with functional limitations. Also, all cars include accessibility features such as yellow handle bars, two wider doors per car, accessible stairs, yellow markings at required locations, interior and exterior signalling as well as clearly indicated priority seats, all in accordance with American Disability Act (ADA) standards.

  • No. Although these 44 new cars modernize our fleet, they account for only a fraction of it (less than 18%).

  • Integrating them gradually is easier, and it gives us better control over the process.

  • When exo receives the new train cars, they are submitted to various tests. First of all, the Canadian and Quebecois content is added, then various tests, both static and dynamic, are performed, namely concerning compatibility with the existing rolling stock. These tests can be summarized in three main steps: qualification, routine and actual service.

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