Our recently completed projects

  1. In order to improve your public transport access to the new McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), work is being performed at the Vendôme train station.
  2. Two maintenance centres will be developed in Lachine and Pointe-Saint-Charles to address the shortage of rolling stock maintenance suppliers and the AMT's increasing needs.
  3. Du Canal station, situated in Lachine between the Montréal-Ouest and LaSalle stations, allow motorists to avoid traffic congestion near the Turcot exchange construction site and get to downtown Montréal faster.
  4. Annoncé comme mesure d’atténuation pour contrer la congestion routière entourant les grands chantiers routiers, le terminus Mansfield est complémentaire au terminus Centre-ville (TCV).
  5. Le nouveau terminus Sainte-Julie a été inauguré le 7 novembre 2016.
  6. We have increased the number of spaces in its park-and-ride facilities, particularly in the framework of road congestion mitigation measures.