Buying or validating transit fares in winter: what to do if the equipment breaks down

Monday, December 03 2018

Man validating fare

4 steps to buy or validate your transit fare in the event the fare or validating terminal is out of order.

Want to validate your transit fare before getting on the train, but the terminal isn’t working? Here’s what you need to do to avoid a fine.

Fare and validating terminals are designed to work at all times, even in extremely cold weather. However, a machine may break down for other technical reasons. If the fare or validating terminal is out of order, follow these steps to travel without risking a fine.

  1. Find another fare or validating terminal.

    In general, there is more than one fare terminal on the platform or in the station.
  2. Call exo customer service at 514-287-8726.

    Explain the situation and check if other machines are available at the station.
  3. Are all fare or validating terminals out of order?

    Board the train.
  4. In the event of a ticket inspection.

    Explain the situation to the inspector, who will write down your contact information. A verification of the equipment will be carried out. If an anomaly is detected, you will not be issued a fine.

Know that your call is important. Thanks to you, our maintenance team will be made aware of the situation and will visit the site to repair the machines.