A mural to celebrate exo’s 5-year anniversary

Friday, January 12 2024

A mural to celebrate 5 years of service

To celebrate our 5-year anniversary, exo is presenting transit users with a mural designed and produced by Montreal illustrator Laurent Pinabel. Titled “Ici et un peu partout” (“Here and a Little Bit Everywhere”), the artwork was recently installed at Vendôme Station, a point of departure for three exo train lines heading in as many directions and serving both shores.

The artist behind the artwork

Does this style seem familiar to you? It should, because Laurent Pinabel’s posters have long adorned the streets of Montréal and surrounding areas to promote performances, plays, musical events, and more. The artist has designed numerous books, and his work has been featured at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.

A public artwork for the community

The mural conveys the vast territory exo serves along with our mission to bring together the diverse communities that make up the Greater Montréal Area. It is filled with movement, vitality and modernity, and perfectly symbolizes exo’s vision.

The mural is composed of six panels and was designed to highlight the X and O from exo’s name. In the words of Laurent Pinabel, they

“become a graphic language in and of themselves, at times a multitude of destinations and others like a trace of movement in the air, like snowflakes or bubbles.”

To share this legacy with as many users as possible and allow the artwork to travel across our network, posters illustrating various details of the mural will be installed at all our stations and terminals.

Discover artist Laurent Pinabel at work