Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre

Monday, August 29 2022

Discover the Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre

Since 2019, the Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre has been responsible for maintaining the rolling stock for the Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Mascouche commuter trains. Having recently received LEED certification, it is likely to be used as a model for our upcoming construction and renovation projects.

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre in brief

  • The centre performs maintenance operations on locomotives and train cars for the Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Mascouche lines.

  • The 23,500 m2 site includes an outdoor parking area for 21 train sets, an inspection shop that can accommodate a full train set, a wheel profiling shop, and a repair shop.

  • The centre also has a training site, an interpretive centre and facilities for local charitable organizations.

What is rolling stock maintenance?

This is how our teams ensure the reliability and cleanliness of our trains and upgrade them by completing preventive inspections and corrective work, like replacing wheels, changing engines, updating air conditioning systems, and lots more!

Green construction and LEED certification

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre recently received LEED certification by integrating several sustainable development elements in its design:

  • A white roof to counter heat islands

  • A rainwater collection system

  • Recycled materials used in its construction

  • High-efficiency electrical and plumbing systems

  • The use of materials with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • A limited number of parking spaces and a parking area for bikes to encourage the use of public and active transportation

  • A green sound-absorbing dome to reduce noise levels and beautify the area

  • Building the Pointe-Saint-Charles Maintenance Centre also allowed us to revitalize an industrial site that has been dedicated to rail activities since the 19th century.

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What is LEED certification?

LEED certification is an international certification that promotes the efficient and sensible use of energy, materials and water. These construction standards apply to both new and renovated buildings. In Canada, the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC) certifies each project based on a rating system. Points are awarded following rigorous and independent assessments.