Trains: protecting the equipment from snow, rain and ice

Monday, December 03 2018

exo train and screen in the snow

Measures that limit the impacts of winter

Winter is rough on trains! The cold and snow can affect the operation of locomotives and the comfort of transit users in passenger cars. To prepare for the unexpected, exo takes additional measures.

Our staff keeps everything running smoothly!

In addition to the measures already in place, we’ve increased our maintenance staff in order to:

  • Verify that everything is operational
  • Ensure the train leaves on time and that everything runs smoothly during trip
  • Act swiftly in the event of a problem

Our trains are ready to roll!

When locomotives are stopped, the trains are hooked up to an external power supply to ensure the support systems (battery chargers, block heaters, interior passenger heating system, etc.) remain at the perfect temperature for optimal operation.

In winter, additional verifications are carried out during the night, so that in the morning, the rolling stock is functional and comfortable.

Want to learn more? Find out about exo’s initiatives before and during winter for trains and buses.