How is temperature controlled on buses?

Thursday, January 10 2019

exo bus in the snow

Too hot or too cold in the bus? Here’s how exo controls the temperature.

Learn how exo ensures its buses are kept at a temperature that’s comfortable for everyone.

How is the temperature controlled?

  • The temperature in buses is kept between 16 and 20°C. If the heating or air conditioning isn’t working, the transporter can be fined.
  • The driver can control the thermostat manually and adjust the temperature if a passenger asks and they deem it necessary.

Hot or cold: a matter of perception

A comfortable temperature is very subjective! If you’ve been waiting 10 minutes in the cold, you’ll be delighted to enter a bus that’s nice and warm. But if you’ve been travelling on that bus for an hour, you’ll feel that it’s hot and stuffy. A good trick is to keep your jacket on until you’re warmed up, then open it or take it off altogether.

Good to know

Air doesn’t circulate the same way in all areas of the bus. For example, the back of the bus is more difficult to ventilate, so the temperature may be cooler or hotter than other areas.

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