The challenge of coordinating train traffic in winter

Thursday, January 03 2019

Train traffic coordination is no joke!

Did you know that exo shares tracks with CP and CN?

Joint custody

The RTCC coordinates the movement of exo, CP, CN and VIA Rail trains. Like the air traffic control towers at airports, the RTCC decides which trains (whether passenger, freight or exo trains) get priority.

When a VIA Rail or freight train is running late, an exo train is sometimes forced to follow it without being able to pass.

Winter is rough on everyone!

Snow and ice can also slow down CP, CN and VIA Rail trains. If an exo train is following them without being able to pass, this can result in delays.

But don’t worry: the CN, CP and VIA Rail teams are quick to resolve any issues!

Did you know?

  • CP owns the tracks used by the exo1 Vaudreuil-Hudson, exo2 Saint-Jérôme and exo4 Candiac lines
  • CN owns the tracks used by the exo3 Mont-Saint-Hilaire line and part of the tracks used by the exo5 Mascouche line
  • The CDPQ owns the tracks used by the exo6 Deux-Montagnes line, but exo operates the trains and CN controls rail traffic in this corridor
  • Exo owns several stretches of rail tracks in the network, including the tracks that link Vaudreuil to Hudson, Blainville to Saint-Jérôme and Repentigny to Mascouche

Want to learn more about how exo operates trains in winter? Consult the page dedicated to winter conditions.