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Taxibus on reservation:

514 273-2704 or

L'Assomption sector


The exo L'Assomption sector provides public transit by bus in the following cities: L'Assomption, Lavaltrie, L'Épiphanie, Charlemagne , Repentigny and Saint-Sulpice.



OPUS Platine card

The PLATINE pass on the OPUS card provides free travel for people aged 65 or over living within the MRC de L'Assomption. The pass covers trips on the territory of the MRC or on internal routes. For trips bound for Montréal or Joliette, users must pay the reduced fare of the zone in question.

The PLATINE pass on the OPUS card is also accepted for paratransit trips within the MRC. Towns in the MRC de L'Assomption:

  • Charlemagne

  • L'Assomption

  • L'Épiphanie (town)

  • L'Épiphanie (parish)

  • Repentigny

  • Saint-Sulpice

Download the OPUS Platine form (French PDF)

Vélo-bus service

Whether to get to work, to school or to discover the Route Verte cycling paths in your region, our vélo-bus service helps make travelling easy!

Discover the service


Consult our Paratransit page:

  • To learn about eligibility criteria

  • To make a reservation for transportation

  • To join us

  • To read our pamphlet and/or user guide (French only).

Served Territories

Transportation is available in the following territories:

  • Charlemagne

  • L’Assomption

  • L’Épiphanie

  • Repentigny

  • Saint-Sulpice

The Paratransit service is also available outside the North and South Shores. Please note that, according to destination, transportation can either be direct or may necessitate correspondence with local transporters, and that rates may vary as well. For more information on schedules and zones, contact us.

Consult Fares and Rates

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