Nine tips for good travelling etiquette

Thursday, January 10 2019

Discover our nine tips for good travelling etiquette

In winter, helping and respecting one another can warm up a cold day! Follow our tips to make your trip more enjoyable for you and your fellow passengers.

  1. Don’t take up an extra seat with your belongings:

    on public transit, everyone likes to sit!

  2. Offer your seat

    to a passenger with a disability, the elderly, or a pregnant woman: a golden rule to follow year-round.

  3. Don’t put your feet on the seats:

    nobody likes to sit on a seat that’s dirty or wet!

  4. Respect the personal space of those around you:

    don’t crowd people with your jacket or bag.

  5. Allow people to exit

    the train or bus before you enter; it’s the polite thing to do and will help us to leave on time.

  6. Don’t block doors

    and keep the aisles clear.

  7. Don't smoke

    in restricted areas or transit shelters, to respect others.

  8. Move back when a bus or train approaches:

    you’ll avoid being splashed by water or snow!

  9. Obey the signs

    on the ground in parking lots. If they are not visible, park straight and near the car beside you in order to leave enough room for other vehicles.

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