Winter precipitation and train wheels

Wednesday, January 09 2019

Snow, freezing rain: the impacts of winter on train wheels

Every day, a safety inspection is carried out on exo train wheels in accordance with Transport Canada regulations. Learn more about how a wheel can become damaged, and what exo does to ensure the safety of passengers.

How does a wheel become damaged?

Generally speaking, a wheel may become damaged by:

  • An impact (with debris, for example)
  • Getting a flat spot from hard or emergency braking

What happens where there’s a problem?

  • If a wheel no longer meets safety standards following a daily inspection, the rolling stock will be removed.
  • If the train personnel reports unusual thumping sounds, an inspection will take place on the track or at the next stop, if possible. If an anomaly or defect is spotted, the rolling stock will be removed or replaced.

In either case, any non-compliant equipment is removed from service. For exo, your safety is our number one priority!

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