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Whatever your style of bike, we'll get you to your destination!

With the BIXI public bike system, you can ride to your destination and simply leave your bike at any one of the 600 stations available in Greater Montreal available in greater Montreal.


In spring 2022, exo will open three new BIXI stations at the De la Concorde, Lachine and Saint-Michel stations.

BIXI bikes are ideal for:

  • Plan a bike ride in Montreal and move around easily.

  • Go to work, see friends or cycle to the gym.

  • Use the bike to get to a metro station, a terminus or an exo train station.

  • Get some fresh air and exercise a little at lunch time.

3 things to know about BIXI bikes

  • They are robust and adaptable to any user and road conditions.

  • They are easy to use and to get on, even if you are dressed for work.

  • They feature a practical basket, a chain cover.

Easy with OPUS and BIXI

Make BIXI a part of your commuting and get a rebate on your season membership.

Learn more about BIXI offers (in French)

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