Your PTA plans all of your metropolitan round trips, even those outside its service area. There are four types of trips: 

  • Direct metropolitan trip: your PTA brings you directly to your destination
  • Metropolitan trip by exchange: another PTA takes charge of your trip
  • Metropolitan trip by transfer: your PTA brings you to a transfer point and another PTA ensures the rest of the trip
  • Secondary trip: once you get to your destination, you can use the services of the PTA in the service area of your destination over the course of a day


We recommend making your reservation 48 to 72 hours prior to your trip. To be carried out adequately, metropolitan trips require special management and the collaboration of several stakeholders. Your request should always be made to the PTA to which you are registered.

Warning: your PTA may refuse your request depending on financial and operational availabilities. We recommend planning your trips during off-peak hours to facilitate their management.