Transfer points

Transfer points are public places whose interior or exterior layouts allow paratransit customers to wait comfortably and safely when two or more PTAs are responsible for their transport.

Good to know

  • These locations can be located in any public place that meets the criteria
  • Only the user's local PTA can determine if a transfer is necessary 
  • The waiting time does not exceed 30 minutes

Role and responsibilities: 

  • Your PTA evaluates whether you have the physical, intellectual and cognitive capacity to wait for the average waiting period at the transfer point
  • Your PTA plans the trip and ensures that the other PTA will pick you up at the transfer point at the appointed time
  • The PTA is responsible for the entire trip, in both directions
  • In the event of a problem, delay or emergency, contact your PTA directly

For example, PTA A picks up a user at his home and transports him to the Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau. The user waits at the transfer point where PTA B picks him up to bring him to his destination. And reversely for the return trip. PTA A is responsible for the entire round trip.

Important information

Your PTA must confirm: 

  • The address of your final destination
  • The day, time and duration of the trip 
  • The modes of transportation used (taxi, accessible taxi, minibus)
  • The name of the PTA with whom you will transfer 
  • The address of the transfer point
  • The fare for the entire trip (round trip)
  • The mode of payment (cash, ticket, monthly pass, OPUS card or other) 
  • The contact telephone number in case of emergency