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Safety: exo inspectors look out for you

Exo inspectors and agents are tasked with ensuring the safety of our passengers, employees, equipment and operations at all times. They are trained to intervene in emergency situations and help users when necessary. Learn more about these professionals who look out for you.

An inspector’s 3 roles

Ensure civic-mindedness and respect of the rules

Inspectors patrol exo vehicles, buildings and parking lots to:

  • Ensure passenger safety and courtesy (prevention of dangerous or harmful behaviours, compliance with non-smoking areas)
  • Prevent crime (bicycle or car theft, mischief, vandalism)
  • Check transit fares and issue statements of offense in case of violation
Did you know? As law enforcement officials, inspectors are authorized to take various measures in the performance of their duties. For instance, they are entitled to ask for identification documents when issuing a statement of offense, and to arrest violators and take them into custody, as required.

Intervene in emergency situations

All inspectors undergo first-aid training and are therefore equipped to intervene in medical emergencies.

  • If someone is experiencing discomfort, inspectors take care of them until the paramedics arrive.
  • In the event of an accident, they act as first responders. They check for injuries and, as needed, assist emergency services workers (police, firefighters, paramedics) on the ground, as well as oversee the transfer of passengers to another train or bus.
  • They assist and support vulnerable individuals (lost children, runaway teens).
Did you know? There were nearly 400 situations requiring medical assistance across the exo network between June 2017 and October 2018. Rest assured that our inspectors are always there to provide the best possible help.

Facilitate your commute in case of a disruption of service

Inspectors support you and facilitate your commute in case of a disruption in service:

  • By inspecting the area and contacting the Operations and Monitoring Centre (OMC), which evaluates how long the train will be stopped and determines whether alternative transportation is needed
  • By liaising between the OMC and passengers to transmit information

If you’d like to know more about what our inspectors do, feel free to stop and ask one of them!

And what is your role as a passenger?

To help our inspectors do their job and enjoy your ride, please make sure to:

  • Hold a valid fare at all times aboard trains and buses, as well as in station fare-paid zones
  • Respect our standards of behaviour throughout the network
  • Be cautious at all times and obey signs
  • Always cooperate with inspectors: they’re there for you!

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