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Le Richelain and Roussillon

The Le Richelain and Roussillon sectors have been combined to better harmonize our services. The result of consultations with users, citizens and local communities, the new bus network aligns with the REM and improves travel between regions.

Four changes in 2022

The launch of the new bus network is scheduled for December 2022, to coincide with the opening of the REM. From this date forward, buses that used to cross the Champlain Bridge will now take passengers to one of the REM stations in Brossard, where users can travel on to downtown Montréal or transfer towards other destinations on the South Shore.

  1. New bus routes

    Fifteen direct routes will provide users with quick access to the REM: six to Panama Station and nine to Brossad Station. New routes will also facilitate travel between municipalities and towards major South Shore hubs:

    • Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke métro station

    • Candiac, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Constant and Delson train stations

    • Quartier DIX30 and Champlain Mall

    • Businesses on Taschereau Blvd. and the R-132

    • Kateri CLSC

    • Industrial areas in Delson, Champlain-Candiac, La Prairie and Sainte-Catherine

  2. New route numbers

    Bus and taxibus route numbers will also be changing. The new numbering system is organized according to four types of service:

    • nos. 20 to 299

      Local routes operating within the sector only

    • nos. 300 to 399

      Routes operating upon reservation only

    • nos. 400 to 599

      High-frequency routes serving a métro, terminal or the REM, operating mainly during peak periods

    • nos. 600 to 799

      Routes connecting several municipalities

    Discover the new routes Hide route details
  3. New transit fares

    Since July 2021, the ARTM’s fare reform has divided the metropolitan area into four large fare zones. All municipalities in the Le Richelain and Roussillon sectors are now located in Zone C. New transit fares have been be available since July 1, 2022, to meet your travel needs.

    Learn more about the fare reform

  4. Park-and-ride lot

    Want to combine driving with using public transit? Take advantage of our Georges-Gagné, Montcalm-Candiac and La Prairie park-and-ride lots. They are free for all public transit users and served by most of the new bus routes.

    Learn more about exo’s park-and-ride lots

Frequently asked questions

We prioritized the review of our network in these sectors in order to align our services with the launch of the Réseau express métropolitain (REM) on the South Shore. In fall 2022, the REM’s South Shore segment will link Montréal’s Central Station to three stations on the South Shore. From this date forward, buses that used to cross the Champlain Bridge will now take passengers to one of the REM stations, where they can travel on to downtown Montréal or transfer towards other destinations on the South Shore.

The target date announced last June for the opening of the REM is early December 2022. The precise date will be shared approximately one month in advance.

An information campaign and activities will be deployed at this time to guide our customers through these significant changes.

Users can enjoy a region that is better connected, notably thanks to simpler transfers to other exo sectors and Réseau de Transport de Longueuil (RTL) services. As well, more citizens will now be within walking distance of a bus stop. The new bus network will also be perfectly aligned with the REM, with 14 high-frequency routes that directly serve its stations. Service to commercial and industrial hubs has also been improved, during both peak and off-peak periods.

As soon as the REM opens on the South Shore, our buses will no longer have access to the Champlain Bridge. To get to Montréal, you may use our bus services to connect with the REM, which can then take you to several Montréal destinations. Certain bus routes will continue to serve major hubs in Longueuil (métro) and Montréal via the Mercier Bridge.

Also note that this situation has allowed exo to add more local routes as well as routes that facilitate cross-suburb travel.

Learn more about the new and improved network

The routes that link Le Richelain and Roussillon with downtown Montréal via the Champlain Bridge have been modified in order to serve South Shore REM stations directly when they open. As well, local service has been configured in order to limit the transfers necessary to get to the REM.

Yes! The new bus network will improve east-west service. We’re planning to better align our services with those of the Réseau de Transport de Longueuil (RTL) in order to facilitate travel between regions. The new REM terminals will be privileged areas for transfers between the two networks.

Yes, boarding and disembarking outside the territory we serve as well as transfers with the REM, STM and RTL are permitted, depending on your fare. To board an exo bus and travel into RTL or STM territory, you must hold a valid transit fare.

Learn more about the fare zones and valid fares for exo’s territory (French)

The preliminary estimated travel times to the REM are as follows:*

Travel time
Terminal Panama station Brossard station
La Prairie ± 15 min -
Montcalm-Candiac ± 25 min ± 20 min
Georges-Gagné ± 35 min ± 20 min

To see the REM travel times, click on the station you’ll be using:

**This is a preliminary estimate based on current data regarding anticipated traffic conditions. These estimates are valid for periods of traffic congestion (pre-pandemic), during morning rush hour.

The last departures from Brossard bus terminal are scheduled at 1:10 a.m. on weekdays and 1:03 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. From Panama bus terminal, the last departure will be 1:22 a.m. on weekdays and 1:30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Trip planners (Chrono, Transit, Google) will be available one month before the new network opens.

Several stops will remain unchanged, while new stops will be added and others removed. Approximately two months before the service launches, our teams will be on site to install the new stops with new signage and numbers. Temporary sign covers will be installed with the existing signage, and these covers will be removed the day before the new network opens.

Yes, Candiac Station will be served by three bus routes: the current T36 and T37 taxi routes have been modified slightly and service will be provided by minibus (routes 146 and 147). We’ve also added a new connecting route at Candiac Station for the town of Saint-Philippe (route 135).

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